Purchasing New Construction Homes Can Be Much Harder

During the boom times of the mid 2000’s you saw signs all over the place for new construction home, but nowadays it many parts of the country you aren’t seeing it as much. Since the economy tanked, the housing industry is making a slow recovery, especially in areas of new home construction.

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This round of new home construction you have to be especially carefully because prices of materials and labor have both gone up. This has forced these builders to look elsewhere for cheaper materials and products that may not hold up very long. So you have to ask yourself whether it is the right time to buy a new construction home, at least until you see how everything turns out.

The simplest way to find a builder you can trust that has new construction homes coming on the market is to check their reputation. If they have a stellar reputation chances are they won’t buy those inferior overseas products, because in the housing industry you can get sued if the materials you use are worthless or make people sick. The latter is true of the early 2000’s when many homes were built with faulty Chinese made drywall which turned out to be inferior and caused people to get sick.

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Today you have to be very careful when purchasing new construction homes because you don’t know where the materials are coming from. You should ask the builder but they always say everything now is made overseas. The problem is you just never know what you’re getting today when it comes to quality. If you are spending a lot of money on a new house, if something goes bad in a few months it can really turn into a nightmare.

New constructions homes today have to be properly inspected before you go to closing. With so many builders looking to take short cuts, you have to do your due-diligence and pay for a professional inspections. If it looks bad, then back out of the deal and move onto something that checks out okay.

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