Planning Your Custom Home

In total, there are literally thousands of details to consider when planning out custom homes.

In total, there are literally thousands of details to consider when planning out custom homes. From the layout and design to curtain rods, the entire process involves a huge amount of effort and discipline, encompassing a span of months, sometimes years. But by having a set plan and choosing a professional, qualified team of help you through the process, the possibilities regarding your custom home are virtually limitless. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of building your very own customized abode.

Planning Your Custom Home– Start with a dream binder. A good sized binder will have roughly 20 tab dividers to help you stay organized. A few examples of possible tabs include: Interior, exterior, lighting, plumbing, mill work, paint, and flooring. Alongside your binder, you should invest in a large basket to help store bigger items such as carpet and tile samples.

– One option when designing the layout is house planning software. Online, you’ll find a variety of free computer programs the help you through the design process. If none of these programs meet your fancy, you always have the option of seeking out paid software, which may offer ease of use and added tools.

Aplus Planning Your Custom Home– A wonderful way to obtain ideas and visualize your dream home is by touring as many model homes as possible. Pay attention to the general layout and the materials that were used in the building process. If you enjoy the way that the model was decorated, consider obtaining the decorator’s contact information.

– In total, you will need to find yourself an architect, interior designer and builder to realize the results you’re after. These three individuals or companies will need to work side by side in the design process. Talk to friends, family members and co-workers in hopes of obtaining referrals. You can also get in touch with your local area building association to obtain additional recommendations. Make sure to be thorough in your search and ask for references from any contractors that interest you.

– Perhaps, even before you’ve gotten this far, you’ll want to plan out your budget. Having a solid budget will help you in the decision making process throughout the build. It’s not uncommon for custom houses to go a bit over budget, but if you can stick to a number you can afford, you’ll be much happier in the long run. Be sure to keep any new window treatments and furniture items in mind.

– Once you’ve got your budget, you can begin really digging into the design and feel of your home. Try to have as many ideas and selections decided on prior to breaking ground. The more thought out your plan is, the less likely you will be sidetracked. Make sure to communicate all of your ideas and plans to your building team.

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